The many dimensions of Inspera

We deliver Professional Certification Programs, Leadership Programs and Global Learning Programs in collaboration with leading Indian and International organizations.

Community Classroom
Community Classroom
  • Community Classroom: Embedding learning and service as part of practice based training. Our skilling programmes are funded through loans (to make learning affordable) and offer 100% placement assistance with a good starting salary and considerable growth opportunity.
  • Collaborative Learning: PArtnering with organizations in the eco-system with similar culture and values. Our inbound program is called ANUBHAV where foreign students experience various elements of global healthcare in India Through our outbound program we offer University students an experiential learning opportunity to interact with the world’s best researchers, scientists, professors and peers from leading Universities like Stanford, Harvard, UCSF, etc.
  • Innovative Curriculum: Our pedagogy is in line with the national and transnational standards, and we bring outside-classroom, immersive learning.
Global Learning
Global Learning

For the healthcare industry, we are seen as a reliable provider of skilled and trained manpower who have been groomed in accordance with the prevalent standards of our Academy.

To the privileged and underprivileged learners, we bring industry-ready, affordable skills along with hands-on experience thereby skilling, empowering and transforming their lives.

Ultimately, we contribute to the cause of better patient care. Which potentially brings smiles on the faces of millions.

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