Meeting Needs

We believe that by bringing the needs of people and organisations together we can bring about significant social impact.

The burgeoning healthcare sector is in dire need of skilled employees. Trained and certified manpower in hospitals and clinics are in short supply. Yet India nurses a huge population of unemployed people both in the urban and rural area.

Not only does the skill gap need to be filled, potential workforce recruits in large numbers need to find access to affordable skilling options to be qualified for available jobs. One of the biggest segments of this potential workforce are women. They suffer from lack of access and also face barriers in joining employment from within their own families.

Further, entities operating in healthcare need continuing avenues of training to upgrade proficiency levels of their professionals and workers.

With increasing pace of change in knowledge, know-how and technology in the medical line, exposure to global practice and processes is also required for the country’s healthcare infrastructure to stay abreast of development.

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