Inspirational Leadership

Inspera is led by Dr Sharmila, social entrepreneur and globalisation strategist for Universities. She is an MD in Pharmacology, MBBS in Medicine and an MBA in Healthcare Administration from the University of Colorado, Denver.

She was anointed Heroine of Health 2017 at the World Health Assembly.

Dr Sharmila has developed and directed the strategy for launch of a new Imaging Technician program under the Ministry of Skills Development along with GE Healthcare Institute as a partner in Tamil Nadu.

She has launched a National Health Skills Conclave for the first time in India bringing together AIIMS, IIM Lucknow and private universities and imparted over 3000 skills training for more than 1000 healthcare professionals over 3 days.

Dr Sharmila spearheaded the cross-cultural study abroad initiative to achieve global learning for healthcare students and trained over 120 students across a wide spectrum of undergraduate, postgraduate students and executives, both inside and outside India.

She has provided immersive hands-on experience for the Executive MBA students in the arena of International Health Management, Univ. of Colorado, Denver.

Dr Sharmila has been inspiring students to appreciate real life experiences and implement the learning in day to day work. She has also been exposing students to different healthcare models in India.

Inspirational Leadership
Inspirational Leadership

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