Global Learning- Anubhav- India

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Tarek Aziz

Global Learning

A 15 day experiential healthcare study trip to India. “Anubhav” in the Sanskrit language refers to ‘knowledge derived from personal observation or experience”. This program is offered to overseas students seeking a holistic, hands on experience in the fast growing healthcare services industry of India, along with exposure to its unique culture & heritage.


Hands on experience of patient management with an insider view of the workday of Healthcare professionals. Understand Global perspective of Health and Wellness. Learning for the eager young minds through guided and interactive sessions from Healthcare experts. Experience Public Health management in a large, diverse and rapidly developing country.


The program is offered as a mix of knowledge session with healthcare experts, observation visits of hospitals and outreach center, practical learning in community classrooms, peer learning and overall cultural immersive experience. Experience the “Gurukul” setting of living and learning with the ‘Guru / Master’ the ancient practices of Yoga and Meditation.