Cardiac Care Technician

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Cardiac Care Technicians are the medical professionals who assist and perform various invasive and invasive cardiac related procedures e.g. Angiogram, Angioplasty, ECG, Stress Test, Holter Monitoring to assist cardiologists in diagnosis.

Also known as Cardio-graphic or Cardio-vascular Technician.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Trained to assist cardiologists in all invasive and non-invasive procedures (angiogram, angioplasty, pacemaker implant, stress echo, tilt table test, holter monitoring)
  • Monitor patients for any type of cardiac problems within a healthcare setting
  • Will also be able to interpret basic ECGs and recognize cardiac dysrhythmias
  • Prepare patients for open-heart surgeries and for implanting of pacemakers
  • Monitor patients during procedures

Course Details

  • 1 year course
  • Certified by Healthcare Sector Skill Council (HSSC)
  • Includes 6 months internship
  • Eligibility: BSc graduates

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