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Learning without boundaries or barriers.

Inspirational Leadership
May 13, 2019

Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership Inspera is led by Dr Sharmila, social entrepreneur and globalisation strategist for Universities. She is an...

Community Classroom
May 13, 2019

The many dimensions of Inspera

The many dimensions of Inspera We deliver Professional Certification Programs, Leadership Programs and Global Learning Programs in collaboration...

May 13, 2019

Meeting Needs

Meeting Needs We believe that by bringing the needs of people and organisations together we can bring about...

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Learning without boundaries or barriers for your future career.















FANK LI, 19. I am from Portugal. I did my internship in Inspera with Dr. Sharmila, who is putting her life to give education to underprivileged people and to empower the people, specifically women, giving opportunities to use their talent in the right place. I was responsible to communicate with organizations to become one of our partners, to expand our institution and to advertise Inspera with testimonials of students who stepped out their country to open their mind and explore the world. I am looking for new experiences in life and to colourize our life. If there is a chance, everyone should step out our comfort zone and face this world and enjoy it.

Despite her achieving good results in her Class 12 exams, Yasmeen’s family couldn’t pay for her higher education. Thankfully, her father saw a notice for the Inspera X-Ray programme and encouraged Yasmeen to enrol. 4 months later, she had an option to choose between a paid internship and an unpaid one at a large multi-speciality hospital. Despite being advised otherwise, with her parents’ support, Yasmeen chose the latter and it paid off. Within a few weeks, seeing her excellent performance, the Head Radiographer offered to teach her the CT and MRI machines. 3 months of on-the-job learning enabled her to earn more than her batchmates after transferring to another hospital for a 6 hour shift with other part-time duty offers.

Growing up in a village 70km from Chennai, she dreamt of being a nurse. But her low score in her 12th standard exams and the lack of easy access to nursing schools left her nonplussed. Her brother’s initiative in finding out about our program offering changed her life. Harini now travels 4 hours each day from her home to her job as an X-Ray Technician in Chennai. With the encouragement of her parents and to the astonishment of her neighbours, at 18 years of age Harini is the only one from her village to travel so far for work in order to support her family. Having become keenly interested in the field of Radiology, she now has her sights set on engaging with CT and MRI technology.

He was uncertain of his future since he ended up as a BSc Maths graduate without a job. When he heard of our X-Ray Technician programme, he enrolled himself, while still working the night shift as a hospital administrator in order to support his widowed mother and younger brother. Now, 2 years later, Jaya Kumar works two jobs at the same hospital — a certified X-Ray Technician by day and a Receptionist by night – thus enabling him to easily support his family back home. His colleagues attest to the positive change they see in him. He is still uncertain about many aspects of his future, but he knows he has a good career in healthcare ahead of him.

MATTIA SERZE, 24. I’m from Italy and after my first year of Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics, I decided to participate in the program of Global Volunteer with AIESEC. Fortunately, I found a project in Sales and Marketing in India, discovering new cultures and working in my field of study. I was also fortunate enough to work for the INSPERA where I met Dr. Sharmila, who has the ambition to balance the inequality of genders in India in the education sphere. She gave us work projects and objectives to achieve; we did a lot of useful things such as contact possible partners and organize meetings with them. I was also involved in the process of re-branding, participating in a brainstorming session to create fresh vision and mission statements. I think that someone who wants self-improvement in every aspect of life should travel and discover new ways of thinking and points of MATTIA SERZE gag and destroy all barriers to an open the mind for global learning.

JOYCE CONTRERAS, Batch of 2015. Undergoing this program in India in 2015, my interaction with patients and learning from doctors was amazing. Loved the hands-on experience!! Learning about Indian diseases was helpful in getting the bigger picture on international health care…

NEHA SAINI, 25. In 2016 I decided to experience Inspera’s Stanford University Program in USA. I chose it because it was a great opportunity for the improvement of my skills and my curriculum before I finished my studies. The teaching and learning sessions were very well organized and I had the opportunity to interact with different students and scientists. I’m a medical student and I was thinking about studying medical journalism. After meeting with Doctor Nina, I found myself more enthused. She gave me a lot of information and I widened my knowledge through her workshops. We went to see different areas of the medical sector that opened my mind. I started volunteering in an NGO which helps children and finally I chose public health as my career. The most favourite experience that I will remember all my life is the presentation by the LEGO team from Stanford University which won the Nobel Prize in 2016. The University was full of people who were truly inspirational.

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